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Welcome to my little museum, kupo!
Thanks for visiting Hello, Mognet – I’m Emma! This is a place where I’m trying to archive various collectables I have with information and photos; I love to research and find out as much detail about an item as possible. I mainly collect video game merchandise, but other subjects are also part of the site, including a section for the Final Fantasy event KupoCon.
I personally love anything moogle or chocobo related, popular mascots of the Chocobo Series and Final Fantasy games. My favourite Final Fantasy games are Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy IX. Two of my all time favourite gaming series are Dark Souls and Grandia.

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Please note that any photos or images on Hello, Mognet are not free to take and use without permission. If you’d like to use a photo, use the form below to contact me first. You can also get in touch below with any questions or information – I’d love to hear from other collectors!
I have tried to rate an item’s rarity out of 5 (5 being the rarest) but this is my personal opinion and experience finding items.
Often I have messages asking if I’m selling items and the answer is – no I am not. This site is an archive/museum of information only.


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