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Welcome to the KupoCon area of Hello, Mognet! KupoCon is a Final Fantasy fan event held at various worldwide locations. KupoCon is known for not only the event itself but its exclusive TriPom cards and other fantastic loot. Here on Hello, Mognet you’ll see an archive of early Generation KupoCon related items and even information and photos on TriPom! You can visit KupoCon on Facebook and Twitter!

Please note that you can view Generations by the events themselves or by TriPom – I split these for those who wish to view TriPom only, but wanted to see which ones belonged to which Gen.



KupoCon items on Hello, Mognet by event Generation

Each event ticket type includes different KupoCon loot

Generation Decks: Generation 1, Generation 2, Generation 2.1
By category:

Final Fantastic, kupo!

Photos used on this section of Hello, Mognet are from myself as well as Alex Maine and Alan Kenny from KupoCon. These are not free to take without permission – please contact me or visit Thank you, kupo!