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KupoCon Generation 1, 2 & 2.1: Gen 1; The Big Pom (New Jersey 2017) and Mind The Pom (London 2017). Gen 2; Pomtario (Toronto 2017) and Pomingham Palace (London 2018) and Pomtropolis (Vancouver 2018). Gen 2.1; Pomathon (Birmingham 2018)

Year: 2017-2018

Source: Event Loot Bags, staff and volunteer items

Notes:  A visual item to gain entry into KupoCon (either Day or Evening event), and an indicator of who’s who at the events. Wristbands are given to every attendee, each ticket tier given its own colour. Wristbands are easy tools at events to help show attendees who’s a KupoCon member of staff, volunteer or even a guest. Some of the evening event wristbands even glow in the dark!

Rarity (1-5): Various

Additional photo(s):

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