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M. J. Gallagher Final Fantasy VII Novel A New Threat

Posted on Jul 20, 2018 by in KupoCon, Mind The Pom, Novels, Pomtario | 0 comments

KupoCon Generation 1 & 2: Mind The Pom (London 2017) and Pomtario (Toronto 2017)

Year: 2017

Source: Anima (Mind The Pom) and Knights of the Round (Pomtario) Premium ticket holder Loot

Notes:  A superhero-fantasy writer, M. J. Gallagher (@FFVIINovels) is also responsible and well-known for his Final Fantasy VII Unofficial Novelisation. Two volumes have been released in paperback at KupoCon events, starting with A New Threat which was only available with a Knights of the Round ticket. A second volume was printed for Pomingham Palace

Rarity (1-5): N/A

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