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News, including details of the latest items uploaded to Hello, Mognet!

July 2018;

June 2018;

    • New item added – Bloodborne Press Kit!
    • New item added – Final Fantasy VI Kefka Vol. 2 Pencil Topper which completes the Volume 2 set – and completes all Final Fantasy VI Pencil Toppers!
    • Welcome back to Hello, Mognet! Thank you for your patience as I fixed the site and got it online once more. I have so many plans for the site in the future, including creating videos, guest posts and more. There is a more social media presence with the site now, over on Facebook and Twitter. There are also a lot more items to add – keep checking back to see what’s new! New photos will follow, as well as more detailed page photos and scans for more detail in the book category. Thanks again! It’s good to be back!