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wish list

There are many items I need to complete various sets, but these are those special items I hope to one day have in my collection.

Dark Souls Sif statue – made by Link Dead Studios, who also made Looking Glass Knight

Don’t Starve Chester and Eyebone plush set – it’s Chester in real life

Final Fantasy Chrome Figures – would like Mog, Garnet, Zidane and Orthros (Ultros)

Final Fantasy Special Box – only available as a prize, includes Coca Cola figures

Final Fantasy V Cold Cast scene – Bartz and Boko

Final Fantasy VII Aerith Music Box – Sankyo music box, very limited and a really stunning piece

Final Fantasy IX Zidane and Vivi Play Arts Figures – separate figures from Play Arts

Final Fantasy X Wedding Yuna statue – such a beautiful, delicate statue

Hataraku Chocobo plush – work chocobo, work!

Horizon Zero Dawn Collector’s Edition – one of my favourite games on PS4 – I’d love an Aloy statue!

Winking chocobo plush – it’s a winking chocobo!