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KupoCon TriPom Generation 2 Foil Limit Break Cloud

Posted on Jul 8, 2018 by in Foil, Gen 2 (Event), Gen 2 (TriPom), KupoCon, Limit Break, TriPom | 0 comments

KupoCon Generation 2: Pomtropolis (Vancouver 2018)

Year: 2017-2018

Source: Booster Packs

Notes: First appearing at Gen 2 event in Pomtropolis (Vancouver 2018), the Limit Break Cloud was made into the first KupoCon Foil card! Only approx 25 were released for Pomtropolis (Vancouver 2018) so were originally were very rare to obtain until they were further released into Booster Packs later on. These cards are of very high quality foil and admired by collectors and fans of TriPom

Card list: Foil Limit Break; Cloud (Generation 2)

Rarity (1-5): N/A

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