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Don’t Starve Chester Collectable Figure & Accessories

Posted on Oct 28, 2014 by in Don't Starve | 0 comments

Game and character(s): Don’t Starve, Chester with Eyebone and Mandrake

Year: 2013

Region: North America

Brand: Klei Entertainment

Source: Retail

Size: 5cm high (Chester figure, mouth closed)

Notes: Chester is a favourite character of mine – the mouth on this figure open and closes! This is one of 12 figures in this set; each figure comes with one unique accessory and one of 14 random accessories. Each figure comes inside a blind box, and it is not known what figure or accessories you have until you open it. The figures come from the game Don’t Starve, a game available on various platforms

Rarity (1-5): 3.5

Additional photo(s):

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