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Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud Polygon Figure

Posted on May 24, 2024 by in Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy VII, Polygon, Remake | 0 comments

Game and character(s): Final Fantasy VII Remake, Cloud Strife

Year: 2000

Region: Japan

Brand: Square Enix

Source: Kuji Lottery in Japan (later as a boxed set available as retail)

Size: 6cm high approx

Notes: This polygon figure and others in this set were originally only obtainable as part of a Kuji Lottery in Japan. They came in blind boxes, so you were not able to see which figure you had. You can view the set here or as additional photos below! I think these figures really capture the original character even down to the colours used – they all look brilliant in a set and great nostalgia for those who played the original Final Fantasy VII released in 1997 on PlayStation. Square Enix eventually brought out the figures in a boxed set, but excluded Wall Market Cloud

Rarity (1-5): 1

Additional photo(s):

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