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KupoCon Generation 1: The Big Pom (New Jersey 2017) and Mind The Pom (London 2017) and

Year: 2017

Source: Event Loot Bags, Booster Packs and Quest rewards. Etsy and Gen 1 KupoKrate

Notes: Exclusive to KupoCon events and based off of Final Fantasy’s Triple Triad, Gen 1 introduced 50 cards and was the first set of exclusive cards available at KupoCon. Each card features a character from the Final Fantasy series, art by Wavechan (@ireneylee). Some cards are rarer than others and one of the activities at KupoCon events is the TriPom Tournament! The cards are one-sided (with the TriPom logo on the back) for Gen 1 whereas from Gen 2, TriPom feature a character on both sides either with a red or blue background, double-sided to closely match Triple Triad. Gen 1 cards were reprinted for Gen 2 with new stats, however Boko and Noctis have noticeable differences including Boko’s name change to Chocobo and Noctis was given different artwork. Generation 1 TriPom cards are now discontinued and are not actively available at current KupoCon events

Deck list: Standard; Chocolina, Beatrix, Cactuar, Barret, Celes, Gilgamesh, Firion, Ace, Sazh, Rinoa, Shantotto, Cid (IV), Vivi, Ifrit, Baku, Selphie, Yda, Lulu, Quina, Yuna, Stiltzkin, Ramza, Garland (Dissidia), Steiner, Tonberry, Luna, Fran, Ultros, Quistis, Tellah, Boko, Auron, Agrias, Kefka, Arc. Silver; Cloud, Red XIII, Tifa, Zidane, Kimahri, Edea, Squall, Balthier, Tidus, Lightning. Gold; Ultima, Sephiroth, Gabranth, Noctis, Anima (current deck imagery at

Other TriPom Generations:  Generation 2, Generation 2.1, Generation 3

Rarity (1-5): 2

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