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KupoCon Generation 3: Pom Saucer (Toronto 2018), The Wee Pom (Glasgow 2019), The Bigger Pom (Newark 2019) and Pomex (London 2019)

Year: 2018-2019

Source: Event Loot Bags, Booster Packs (excluding Promo cards)

Notes: Exclusive to KupoCon events and based off of Final Fantasy’s Triple Triad, Gen 3 introduces 35 cards to the TriPom deck. Each card features a character from the Final Fantasy series, art by Wavechan (@ireneylee). Some cards are rarer than others and one of the activities at KupoCon events is the TriPom Tournament! As Gen 3 is Current Gen (double sided) the cards are included in Booster Packs along with Gen 2 and Gen 2.1

Deck list: Standard; Yuffie, Diamond Weapon, Lann, Jenova, Garland (FFIX), Golbez, Amarant, Heidegger, Lehko, Kuja, Bugenhagen, Deuce, Cindy, Refia, Angelo, Edward, Iron Giant, Reynn. Silver; Ardyn, Noel, Sabin, Y’shtola, Cecil, Odin, Edgar, Leviathan. Gold; Warrior of Light, King Mog, Orlandeau, Ultimecia, Caius, Mateus. Limit Break; Fran, Auron. Promo; Festive Mog (current deck imagery at

Other TriPom Generations:  Generation 1, Generation 2, Generation 2.1

Rarity (1-5): N/A

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