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KupoCon TriPom Generation 3 Deck

Posted on Nov 27, 2018 by in Gen 3 (Event), Gen 3 (TriPom), KupoCon, Pom Saucer, The Wee Pom, TriPom | 0 comments

KupoCon Generation 3: Pom Saucer (Toronto 2018), The Wee Pom (Glasgow 2019), The Bigger Pom (Newark 2019) and Pomex (London 2019)

Year: 2018-2019

Source: Event Loot Bags, Booster Packs (excluding Promo cards)

Notes: Exclusive to KupoCon events and based off of Final Fantasy’s Triple Triad, Gen 3 introduced 50 base cards to the TriPom deck. Each card features a character from the Final Fantasy series, art by Wavechan (@ireneylee). Some cards are rarer than others and one of the activities at KupoCon events is the TriPom Tournament! This Generation also saw the beginnings of the TriPom Artist Series; sets of 6 Final Fantasy cards created by various artists from the community. These special cards come in their own sets and available to buy from the event directly, and so are not available in booster packs.
Generation 3 is now discontinued and can be rare to currently find – current TriPom Generation and card game rules can be found over at Kupocon

Deck list: Standard; Yuffie, Diamond Weapon, Lann, Jenova, Garland (FFIX), Golbez, Amarant, Heidegger, Lehko, Kuja, Bugenhagen, Deuce, Cindy, Refia, Angelo, Edward, Iron Giant, Reynn, Bartz, Reno, Rufus, Marlene, Elone, Kenny Crow, Marche, O’aka, Rude, Trey, Pelna, Drautos, Nyx. Silver; Ardyn, Noel, Sabin, Y’shtola, Cecil, Odin, Edgar, Leviathan, Mateus, Paine, Esthar S., Galbadian S., Rauhbahn. Gold; Warrior of Light, King Mog, Orlandeau, Ultimecia, Caius, Xande. Foil variation; King Mog. Limit Break; Fran, Auron. Promo; Festive Mog

Other TriPom Generations:  Generation 1, Generation 2, Generation 2.1

Rarity (1-5): N/A

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